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cutting felled tree with chainsaw

Tree Removal

We offer tree removal services for all of Moore County. Whether it is a removal because the tree is hazardous and a threat to people and structures, or if it is in the way of your next building project. We can remove it safely and efficiently, all while keeping your landscape looking exactly the way it was when we arrive (except the removed tree)

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Cabling & Bracing

Have a tree that you love, but you aren't sure if it can withstand the winds?  It could be a majestic old oak, a beautiful magnolia, or a nice longleaf pine that you just can't stand to lose.  Not all trees can be supported with cabling and bracing, but many can and we can help you assess the situation and determine the right solution.

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forestry mulching

Lot & Land Clearing

Building a new home or need to clear space for that new barn build?  We have the expertise and equipment to cleanup the area you need safely and efficiently.  Whether it is forestry mulching, clear cutting, or creating silvopasture, we can help make it happen.

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close up stump grinding view

Stump Grinding

Leaving a stump behind after the removal of a tree can cause all types of problems – from being a tripping hazard to inviting termites to take up residence. The best way to prevent these issues and create a clean, new space for planting is to have the stump ground down completely.

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tree pruning

Tree Care

Many people only call a tree care company when something happens – such as needing to have a tree removed or wanting help when their tree is dying. And, although we are happy to help in such instances, keeping up with regular maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure the health and safety of your trees.

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Soil meter with hands picking up

Soil Testing & Augmentation

Just like all living things, trees need the right nutrients to thrive. If your trees don’t look unhealthy or are struggling to survive, the issue could be with the soil they are planted in. Let us help you determine just what your trees need by first performing a soil assessment, and then modifying it to meet your trees’ nutritional requirements.

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Let's Get Started

Whether you have a decaying tree stump that needs to be removed or you want professional assistance to keep your living trees strong and healthy, Southern Pines Tree Service can help.  We‘re committed to providing the best stump grinding and tree care services in North Carolina With knowledgeable tree care experts who are focused on safety and service, your trees are in good hands with Southern Pines Tree Service.